New Kitchens and Kitchen Make-Overs-Cape-Town


Your kitchen is the heart of your home.  Make sure your new kitchen is your dream kitchen.

(New Kitchen and Kitchen Make-Overs Cape Town)

For some people a kitchen is only the place where you slap a few sandwiches together.  For others, it is where you go into MasterChef mode and treat your friends and family with delicious gourmet dishes.  No matter how you use it, a kitchen has to be a beautiful yet practical asset for your home. HH Joinery and Carpentry can build you your dream kitchen today.  Whether you are looking for a classic style or something ultra-modern, we can do it for you.  We work with you to find the best way to use your available space. We offer all styles and finishes to suit each individual taste and budget. Our Duco Spray Doors are available at very competitive prices. We have built a great relationship with our suppliers and we can offer you melamine at a great rate.  Your dream Kitchen is awaiting!  Get a new kitchen or a kitchen make-over for your old kitchen.

We do professional CAD designs with 3D visuals to create excellent previews of what your kitchen space will look like.

We also provide accurate, detailed costing, material selection, scheduling, site management and monitoring. All materials and colours are presented to the client with samples for approval to make sure you get exactly what you want.  Our range is extensive, so there is something for everyone’s taste.  Whether you are into oak, cherry wood, dark woods or a whitewashed kitchen, HH Joinery and Carpentry can get you what you want.  A new kitchen or a kitchen make-over for your old kitchen.

The kitchen trends for 2017 are:

Convenience and good use of space.

People want their gadgets and appliances to be easily available without standing around in your way.  Built in microwaves, coffee machines, and special spaces for your blenders and food processors are a clever way to save space and keep your kitchen looking tidy.  Wasted space is a thing of the past, and with some clever design, you can turn clutter into convenience.

Soft colours

The colours for the season is soft, light colours.  Whitewash, natural stone textures, light wood.  It is all about a clean, fresh and natural look for your new kitchens and kitchen make-over in Cape Town.


Technology is taking over the kitchen of the future.  From fridges that will order your milk from the shop when you are running low, to a meat thermometer that will send a message to your smart phone when your roast is cooked.  Everything is becoming more automated, with sensor switches and delayed start times to make things run smoothly in your modern new kitchen or when you do a kitchen make-over.

Open plans

These days families cook together while watching TV, doing homework, or just chilling with a few drinks.  Open kitchen spaces has been a thing for the last few beacuse it is simply more sociable.  It looks like a new kitchen and kitchen make-over trend that is here to stay!